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Put A Smile On Your Face With Lip Fillers

 6th November 2019
With lip fillers demanding a lot of media attention over the last few years, the desire to have fuller beautiful lips has only increased. If you’re considering lip filler treatment, it’s important to think the process through. For starters, you want to make sure that the person performing the procedure is a qualified, experienced and a recognised doctor. You also have to ensure the products used are safe and are read more

Banish the years with Botox

 29th August 2018
Have you started to look in the mirror and wonder where the time has gone? Are you noticing tell-tale signs of ageing such as crow’s feet, forehead lines, Glabella lines (lines between the eyebrows) and other annoying expression lines? From her clinics based in South Woodford, Harley Street and Bishops Stortford, Dr. Anita Dhunna practices the art of temporary wrinkle-smoothing injections, commonly known as Botox, to smooth lines and erase read more

Dermal fillers for the lips

 29th August 2018
Lip augmentation is one of the most popular non-surgical procedures in the UK and with exposure in the media and with celebrities and stars undertaking this procedure, popularity has soared. However, some TV and film personalities may be taking things a step too far and run the risk of looking unnatural and sporting that ‘trout pout’ we all hear about. This occurs when the lips have been over-filled or an read more

Creating the natural look with dermal fillers

 25th October 2017
How to get the natural look with dermal fillers Dermal fillers such as Juvederm are one of the most popular types of non-surgical procedure. Globally, over 10 million treatments are performed every year and the number is rising. Unfortunately, though, the media is filled with celebrities described as having “duck lips”, “puffy looks” or “pillow faces”. Dermal fillers would not have such a bad name, however, if the procedure was read more

Dermal fillers – The Non-Surgical Facelift

 3rd September 2015
Non surgical facelift in Essex at the clinic of Dr Anita Dhunna Changes in our skin and loss of ‘plumpness’ can be noticed as early as our late 20s. By our 40s, a definite difference can be seen when looking back at ourselves in photographs taken when we were younger.  The skin appears to sag a little more around the jawline, there may be a loss of the ‘apple of read more

Dermal fillers For Younger Looking Hands

 3rd September 2015
Ageing of the skin can be due to many reasons. The biological ageing process of the body results in the loss of collagen giving the appearance of thinner skin. We lose the plumpness and volume due to the natural breakdown of collagen and underlying supportive fat tissue giving the skin a wrinkled, saggy appearance. Ageing can also be seen to occur prematurely  down to factors such as sun damage, poor read more

Perfect Lips With Dermal Fillers in Essex

 3rd September 2015
Everybody is craving the ‘perfect lip’. But what is the perfect lip? Is it the luscious, conspicuous Angelina Jolie pillow pout? Is it the perfectly sharp Cupid Bow that Taylor Swift possesses? Or is the not so subtle enhancement Kylie Jenner beholds? The perfect lip would be created to suit your face. The perfect lip enhances your beauty and doesn’t overshadow it or take it away. As a skilled and read more

What To Consider When Having Lip Enhancement

 2nd June 2015
Lip enhancements with dermal fillers has been an increasing trend amongst celebrities and the normal population. Where some people are very open about the treatment they have, there are some celebrities who are still guarded about showing they’ve had a lip enhancement. A lip enhancement can be very subtle but it can also be extremely obviously portrayed, an example is the recent Kylie Jenner incident in the ‘did she, didn’t read more

5 Things To Consider When Choosing A BOTOX Cosmetic Doctor

 27th April 2015
Botox is a prescribed drug and having it injected into your face is a very technique sensitive skill. When injected in key muscles, Botox works by reducing the contraction of these muscles resulting in a smoother fresher look to your face. Areas that can be treated are crows feet, forehead lines and frown lines. Advanced areas can also be treated such as in the lower face and neck and for read more

Botox in your 30’s

 20th April 2015
Botox has become a widely sought after medical treatment. Botox being a prescription only medicine should only be performed by a medical professional with the appropriate training and experience. Many people still question when the ‘right’ time is to have Botox treatment. The question asked is “How old should I be to have Botox?” There is one definite answer which is that you would need to be over 18 years read more

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