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The Perfect Peel – medical-grade peel

The perfect peelDoes your skin feel like it needs an overhaul? Perhaps you feel that you have some ageing issues, or suffer with acne. If you are someone who has chronic rosacea, you will understand how difficult it can be to treat this condition, or if you have pigmentation issues such as melasma or age spots, you’ll also know that simple creams and lotions rarely make a huge difference. Beauty-grade peels can be helpful for very mild skin issues and can offer some benefits, but at Dr Anita Dhunna’s clinic at Lily House, The Shrubberies, South Woodford which is in easy reach of Chingford, Chigwell, Wanstead, Walthamstow and Buckhurst Hill, we believe that for significant skin improvement and a return to that ‘youthful glow’, your skin deserves something much more substantial and powerful; something that is ‘medical-grade’.

The Perfect Peel is taking the UK by storm as it’s a peel like no other. This medical-grade peeling system re-surfaces, clears and cleans the skin as well as lifts hyperpigmentation, caused by hormones or sun exposure. The Perfect Peel can only be administered by medical professionals who have been specifically trained and certified. Even though the downtime from this peel lasts less than a week, it still has considerable depth! At day 3 following your perfect peel treatment, the top layer of your skin literally peels away, to reveal a more healthy, flowing and fresh complexion. Acne is dramatically improved, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and the skin takes on a glassy finish, from the host of skin-loving ingredients that this peel possesses. Even rosacea and hormonal hyperpigmentation can be treated with The Perfect Peel, something most ‘beauty’ peels simply cannot achieve.

The Perfect Peel is only available to medical professionals as they believe in regulating the aesthetic industry and are proud of their impact on the chemical peel sector, by upholding this high standard. It also means that when you have a Perfect Peel with Dr Anita Dhunna, at one of her London, Hertfordshire and Essex clinics, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of a skilled, experienced medical professional, who not only has been trained by Perfect Peel, but understands the unique nuances of the skin.

The Perfect Peel is a deeply penetrating blend of 5 super acids, plus glutathione, vitamins and minerals. It not only reaches the layers of the skin that most peels cannot (whilst still remaining safe and predictable) but it nourishes the dermis, for ultimate hydration and rejuvenation.

The Perfect Peel is suitable for all skin types and will clear, clean, resurface and revitalise your skin after just one application. There is no pre-peel skin preparation and the peel itself is fast acting and virtually painless. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes, so it’s a perfect lunchtime treatment for busy patients with little time to spare.

To ascertain whether you are suitable for The Perfect Peel, Dr Anita Dhunna will first ask that you attend a no obligation consultation and skin analysis, so that she can really get to know you, your skin and how you feel that you could improve things. She will also check your medical history, so that she and you can be sure that The Perfect Peel will be both safe and effective for your individual needs. Once she is certain that The Perfect Peel will offer you an effective solution to your skin concerns, you can go ahead and book your appointment for the treatment.

The Perfect Peel is a potent and powerful treatment for a variety of skin concerns and patients are flocking to our London, Essex and Hertfordshire clinics, due to the efficacy of this procedure.

If you would like to achieve a youthful, clear and glowing complexion, look no further than this medical-grade treatment to reveal the skin you’ve always dreamed of.