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Hand Rejuvenation

Our hands show ageing rapidly compared to other parts of the body due to constant exposure to daily chemicals and also UV rays through sun exposure resulting in a more wrinkled, dehydrated, veiny appearance. Dr Anita Dhunna can reverse this appearance by injecting the hands with dermal fillers like Ellanse and Radiesse.

How does it work?

Using approved dermal fillers such as Radiesse and Ellanse, Dr Anita Dhunna can replace lost volume into the hands. Dermal fillers like Ellanse and Radiesse in the hands is very beneficial as these are collagen stimulating dermal fillers. This means that not only do you get an instant lift and volumisation of the aged looking hands but in a few months time due to the collagen stimulating qualities of the dermal fillers, the hands look even better, more hydrated, smoother in texture and younger looking.

Am I suitable for hand rejuvenation?

The treatment is contraindicated in pregnant or breast feeding women. Women and men of all ages 18+ can have hand rejuvenation subject to your medical history and desired outcomes which would be discussed in depth at your face to face consultation with Dr Anita Dhunna.

What happens during the treatment?

After you have seen Dr Anita Dhunna for a face to face consultation, a bespoke treatment plan will be made for you.

The area to be treated will be sterilised and cleaned. Dr Anita Dhunna will inject small amounts of local anaesthetic into the hand to ensure the procedure is comfortable. Then Dr Dhunna will inject the dermal filler using a cannula (flexible blunted ended tube) along the length of the hand.

Using a cannula for treatment minimises the piercing and cutting one would feel with a needle so the procedure overall feels a lot more comfortable and minimises bruises.

When will I see the results?

The results are seen immediately but will improve in a month’s time.

Is it safe and what’s the downtime?

As with all medical procedures, there can be complications which would be discussed in person at your consultation. However, when being treated by an experienced Doctor/Dentist, you are less likely to experience these.
You may experience some slight swelling or bruising that can last a couple of days. You can limit the bruising by taking Arnica tablets before the treatment and applying Arnica gel after the treatment.

How long do the results last?

The results can last up to 12 months.

Dr Anita has 3 practices – The Penn Clinic – Hatfield, Hertfordshire; easily accessible from areas such as Stevenage, St Albans, Watford, Edgeware, Goffs Oak, Cheshunt, Welwyn Garden City, Borehamwood and North London, located near the A1, M11 and A10 close to the M25.
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