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How Botox® can affect your mood

botox and your moodIf you know about cosmetic injectable treatments, you’ll no doubt have heard of Botox®. Botox® or wrinkle-smoothing injections (the substance is actually called Botulinum Toxin Type A) help to temporarily smooth unwanted frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet. They can also help to raise the eyebrows for a more wide-awake look, lift a double chin and even upturn the corners of the mouth. Botox® not only helps with lines and wrinkles, but can also help with excessive sweating, teeth grinding and even migraines! The treatment can not only lift your mood and improve your confidence, but studies have shown that Botox® may help with symptoms of depression! No matter for which indication it is being used. From her clinics in Hertfordshire, London and Essex, Dr Anita Dhunna has been treating patients for many years with this youth elixir and sees how the results can not only improve their looks, but can significantly help with lack of confidence and even self-esteem!

How does Botox® help with anxiety and depression?

Botox® which is derived from a bacterial toxin may have been found to reduce cases of anxiety and depression. There could be several reasons for this. One hypothesis is that when injected in to any region of the body Botox® could be transported to the regions of the central nervous systems involved in emotions and mood. There is also the thinking that Botox®-affected neuromuscular junctions might communicate with the brain directly. Finally, as Botox® is, sometimes used to treat chronic conditions that could contribute to depression and anxiety, such as the natural ageing process and hyperhidrosis, its success in relieving the underlying cause may also, indirectly reduce feelings of anxiety as a result. Although much more research is needed to determine the mechanism by which a href=””>Botox® indeed has been found to reduce anxiety, and clinical trials are required to specify the doses that might be needed, for the specific treatment of such medical conditions, the results seem to suggest that Botox® can help with negative emotional states.

As we age, it can be a tough time. Not only can we feel less physically or mentally energetic, but looking in the mirror can sometimes make us feel sad. Especially if we are seeing major changes in our facial appearance. As we starts to age, bone mass, fat and tissue loss can mean lines and wrinkles appear and certain aspects of the face start to droop or sag. Years of sun exposure can mean expression lines get deeper. Crow’s feet and forehead lines can seem much more visible and no cream or lotion is going to get rid of those. Botox®, when injected in specific quantities in an expert way, by a medical professional, such as Dr Anita Dhunna, can offer serious albeit temporary a href=””>improvements to dynamic wrinkles and expression lines. These injections, if performed regularly can even help to reduce the risk of new lines and wrinkles appearing. Even our younger patients can benefit from ‘Baby Botox®’ a revolutionary Botox® treatment, where smaller quantities of the toxin are used in more superficial layers of the skin for a fresher, more glowing look to the skin and a preventative for future wrinkle development.

Dr Anita Dhunna speaks with her patients on a regular basis and always asks for feedback in a return visit, around 2 weeks after a a href=””>Botox® treatment. Not only does she find that physically they ‘look’ better, but their mood has been lifted by their Botox® treatment. Although it’s currently inconclusive exactly why Botox® may help with low mood, she certainly sees improvements in the emotional wellbeing of her Botox® patients, after their treatment.

Botox® has so many benefits, it’s hard to list them all. If you think you might be suitable for a Botox® treatment, before one is agreed, you will be asked to attend a pre-treatment consultation with Dr Anita Dhunna, so that she can assess your face and skin, discuss what bothers you about your looks, check your medical history and decide whether Botox® is indeed a safe and suitable option for you. Once this initial consultation is complete and both you and the doctor are happy to proceed with Botox®, you can go ahead and book your appointment.

We don’t have to age in a way which depresses us. We don’t have to put up with conditions that upset us on a daily basis. Botox® can be a hugely effective solution to many medical and physical issues. Whether you feel unhappy with a particular concern like teeth grinding or hyperhidrosis, or simply want to look and feel your very best, come and speak to us about the possibilities of Botox® and start to help yourself to not only look your best, but to feel great too!