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Creating the natural look with combination treatments

As the ageing process can affect a range of facial concerns, cosmetic treatments need to be tailored to the individual. One patient may notice fine lines and wrinkles appear, another might start to see hollows around the lower face and the temples, another might experience jowls and loose skin. read more

What is Face Rebalancing?

Facial rebalancing using injectable dermal fillers is becoming extremely popular with those patients who don’t feel they require invasive surgery, but wish to feminise and enhance their facial features with subtle adjustments for a natural-looking improvement. Of late, we are beginning to see many women who have had too read more

Fillers to look fresh, not fake

Dermal fillers are amazing substances. They can lift and sculpt the facial features, restore facial contours, plump the skin, fill hollows and hydrate the skin cells for a youthful and rejuvenated glow. However, in the wrong hands and not performed by a fully qualified medical practitioner with an intensive read more

Lower face lifting with dermal fillers

Lower face lifting with dermal fillers – Dr Anita Dhunna The ageing process comes to us all over time, and it can be distressing to see one’s face look more and more different in the mirror as time passes. The reduction of fat pads, bone mass, muscle loss and read more

Dermal fillers For Younger Looking Hands

Ageing of the skin can be due to many reasons. The biological ageing process of the body results in the loss of collagen giving the appearance of thinner skin. We lose the plumpness and volume due to the natural breakdown of collagen and underlying supportive fat tissue giving the read more