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Why should I choose a Botox® doctor near me?

botox doctor near me

Botox® procedures have become very commonplace here in the UK and are the mainstay of many an aesthetic business. With so much choice around, it’s easy to get confused how to choose the right practitioner. As you may be aware, Botox® cannot be administered by non-medics, so it’s vital to ensure that your Botox® doctor is just that (a doctor, dentist, surgeon or prescribing nurse), but why is it important to find a Botox® practitioner with the relevant medical training near to where you live? At Dr Anita Dhunna’s clinic in South Woodford, within easy reach of Loughton, Chigwell, Walthamstow, Buckhurst Hill, Wansted, Leyton, Chingford, Romford and Ilford, we believe that having close contact with our patients is extremely important, not only for building a good relationship, but for these other reasons too!:

1. Being close by is more convenient for you – as Dr Anita Dhunna will ask that you attend a no obligation consultation, prior to your wrinkle-smoothing injections, this means that you will be travelling to her clinic at least twice, with the possibility of a 2 week follow-up appointment to discuss the results and whether you might need some more product in a specific area. So, that’s three journeys you will need to make. Not only this, but we feel that being closer to home means, that if you are concerned about any results or simply want another chat with Dr Anita Dhunna, prior to your treatment, it will be easier for you to make another quick appointment and will help keep your travel times and costs down.

2. The ‘personal’ touch – Dr Anita Dhunna loves getting to know her patients well, and she understands the trends, desires and needs of those in the areas from where she practices. Being close by means that you can make those ad-hoc appointments, without having to plan long journeys, or indeed, pay congestion charges or hefty train or taxi fares and take advantage of the other non-surgical treatments that Dr Anita Dhunna offers from her local clinic, easily and without hassle. You can build that trusting relationship with Dr Anita Dhunna more easily, when she is only a short journey away.

3. Medical expertise – on your doorstep! – your medical aesthetic practitioner doesn’t have to be located in Harley Street or indeed, London to carry standards of excellence. In fact, Dr Anita Dhunna has practiced from many areas of the UK, offering safe, clinically-proven treatments, using the very latest techniques. She has travelled far and wide to maintain the exacting standards that a high-calibre medical practitioner should, so you don’t have to. Just because the location isn’t Harley Street, doesn’t mean that Harley Street standards are not in place, at Dr Anita Dhunna’s clinic.

Keeping your aesthetic Botox® practitioner close means more than just distance. Being closer to home means that you can get that extra help and advice, easily, it takes the hassle out of travelling and keeps costs at a minimum, as well as saving you time, energy and helping the environment, by using less fuel and resources. Developing that doctor-patient relationship with a practitioner who is just around the corner, or within a short drive, bus or taxi ride, means that bond between you and the doctor becomes stronger as Dr Anita Dhunna can get to know you and your personality, desires and concerns better with more easier, regular visits to the clinic. This in turn, will help her to produce the exact results you are seeking with your Botox® treatment.