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Botox South Woodford

Botox South Woodford and EssexThe skin on our face is one of the most visible areas of our body. It also goes through various stressors, whether it’s ageing, making facial expressions (such as frowning and smiling), and environmental pollution.

All of these things can lead to the skin getting wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines. If this sounds familiar, you don’t have to put up with these classic signs of ageing. You should consider a course of Botox treatment, which is available at Dr Anita Dhunna’s Botox South Woodford Clinic.

Botox is a simple and safe treatment, providing it is performed by a qualified medical practitioner. Botox is injected into the areas of the face that need to be rejuvenated. This injection then blocks the nerve signal to that muscle, which causes it to relax. This causes a smoother, fresher, and more natural look. It can take approximately 14 days for Botox to take full effect, and the results can last up to four months. However, after this period, muscle movement returns back to normal, and patients may require another Botox treatment to restore original results.

It’s uncommon for people to have side effects from a Botox treatment. However, some people can experience minor redness from the needle entering the skin, or a little bruising or swelling. If these symptoms do occur, they are only temporary. Most people find that they can go about everyday life immediately after their treatment. Anyone who wishes to have a Botox treatment can book a face-to-face consultation at our clinic based in South Woodford.

This treatment is recommended for people unhappy with fine lines and wrinkles on their face due to ageing, or deep expression lines. It is not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women, along with individuals with muscle disorders (such as myasthenia gravis). If you think you’re suitable for a Botox treatment and wish to find out more, book a consultation at our clinic in South Woodford where we will find the right treatment for you.

Travelling to our South Woodford clinic

Located on George Lane at Lily House, The Shrubberies, the clinic is a 3 minute walk from South Woodford central line tube station directly opposite Sainsburys. It is walking distance from Wanstead, Snaresbrook and Woodford Green and a short drive from Chigwell and Loughton.