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The benefits of Botox®, in time for Christmas

Botox South Woodford

The Christmas season is just around the corner and along with the gift shopping, decorating the house, arranging those traditional family get-togethers and planning social and work events, this busy time may have us thinking of effective ways in which we can improve our looks, without invasive and expensive surgery. As we age, lines and wrinkles can appear when we create facial expressions; lines such as forehead lines, crow’s feet, Glabellar lines (the lines between the eyebrows, otherwise known as ‘elevens’) and lines across the sides of the nose can all become more prevalent, making us look older and less healthy. Botox® (wrinkle smoothing injections) are a quick and effective way to temporarily smooth expression lines and this treatment is one of the mainstays of Dr Anita Dhunna, who offers aesthetic treatments from her clinic in South Woodford.

All I want for Christmas… smoother skin!

Ok so this may not be entirely true and some of us might feel a bit selfish, wanting something for ourselves at Christmas (the time of giving), but for many of us, looking and feeling more youthful without breaking the bank or enduring lengthy post-surgery downtime, could give us that boost of confidence that we need for the festivities. Botox®, a brand name for the substance Botulinum Toxin Type A, is a neurotoxin which temporarily relaxes the muscles which cause expression lines and initial signs of ageing which can be annoying to look at in the mirror. The treatment takes around 15 minutes to administer and the results can last anything from 4 to 7 months! So it’s perfect for the holiday season and beyond. For a few hundred pounds, you could smooth dynamic facial lines as well as lift the eyebrows, for a non-surgical lid lift, a win-win!

For younger patients Dr Anita Dhunna offers ‘Baby Botox®’, smaller doses of the injectable substance injected in to more superficial layers of the skin can offer a fantastic way to not only smooth those initial fine lines and wrinkles, but can actually help prevent future wrinkles from forming! The gift that keeps on giving!

Am I suitable for Botox®?

Most people from the age of 25 are experiencing some degree of facial ageing in the form of expression lines and dynamic wrinkles and therefore would most likely benefit from either Baby Botox® or standard dose Botox® injections. However, before agreeing to administer a Botox® treatment, Dr Anita Dhunna will ask that you attend the South Woodford clinic for a no obligation initial consultation. At this meeting, you will be able to discuss what is bothering you about your facial lines and the results you are hoping for. Dr Anita Dhunna will assess your facial concerns as well as check your medical history, to ensure there are no contraindications which might prevent or restrict the treatment from going ahead. The doctor will also create a Botox® treatment plan for your individual needs. Once this initial meeting is complete and the doctor is happy to administer Botox®, you can go ahead and book your treatment session.

What happens during a Botox® treatment?

The treatment itself is very straightforward and not painful. Your skin will be cleansed and then Dr Anita Dhunna will ask you to pull some facial expressions which will help her see where the dynamic lines on your upper face appear. The injections do not take long to administer and you won’t need any anaesthetic for this treatment as the needles used are extremely fine. Aftercare is fairly straightforward and you shouldn’t experience any severe downtime or facial marks, apart from some light bumps at the injection site and on rare occasions, the odd small bruise. These side effects are quite normal and will subside quickly.

How long does Botox® last?

Depending on your own response to the treatment, your skin quality and lifestyle, the results of your Botox® treatment should last between 4 and 7 months. In younger patients, the results tend to last for longer, whereas if you have been having Botox® for some years, you might find that you need to return to the clinic around 3 times per year, to maintain a smoother looking complexion. If you smoke, expose your skin to excessive UV rays, partake in certain other procedures and exercise vigorously on a regular basis, you may also find that a thrice annual visit to the clinic will be necessary to maintain results.

When should I time my Botox® treatment around the Christmas period?

Christmas time is a very popular time for our patients to undertake their Botox® injections and therefore it’s advisable to book early to avoid disappointment. We would also advise booking at least a week before the festivities, so that any slight bruises may disappear before your special events. As Botox® however, does not offer any clinical downtime, there will be no need to take any time off for recovery and any slight marks on the skin will be very short-lived, unlike invasive surgery, or even some other injectable treatments such as dermal fillers. Botox® is one of the least invasive-yet-effective injectable treatments you can undertake before a special event or season such as Christmas time, so you can imagine, it’s in high demand here at Dr Anita Dhunna’s South Woodford clinic.

Making yourself look and feel more youthful for the Christmas season can bring that ‘sparkle’ that you’re looking for. With so much to think about, this quick and simple treatment can leave you with fewer wrinkles and more compliments from friends and family, at those special gatherings and events where you want to look youthful and rested.