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The best lip filler treatments in London, Essex and Hertfordshire

 16th May 2023
A dermal filler lip treatment requires not only medical expertise and years of experience, but a flair for the artistic and creative. Not only is Dr Anita Dhunna a medically-qualified dentist with a deep understanding of anatomical profiling and projection, but is well versed in a variety of specialised techniques, using a range of FDA approved dermal fillers with varying properties, to artistically and safely create a bespoke lip treatment read more

Refresh your looks this Spring with injectable treatments

 14th April 2023
What is Botox®? If you are noticing the very first dynamic wrinkles or more considerable expression lines, Botox® could be something to consider. Botox® or Botulinum Toxin Type A is a neurotoxin, which blocks the signals from the nerves to the muscles which cause expression lines. Typically these lines can be seen as crow’s feet, Glabellar lines (the vertical lines which appear in between your eyebrows), forehead lines and bunny read more

Revive your eyes with Light Eyes Ultra and dermal fillers

 22nd March 2023
Light Eyes Ultra Mesotherapy with Dr Anita Dhunna Light Eyes Ultra is a revolutionary treatment which harnesses the healing and skin revitalising powers of mesotherapy, in conjunction with an innovative cocktail of hyaluronic acid (HA), antioxidants and botanicals -everything that is good for the delicate eye area. The treatment involves tiny injections of the unique formulation around the upper and lower eyelid areas. This ‘super-charged’ fluid helps to improve microcirculation read more

A simple step for reducing wrinkles this Spring

 15th March 2023
Botox® is an injectable treatment which typically takes around 15 minutes. The substance itself (Botulinum Toxin Type A) is what’s known as a neurotoxin, as it blocks the signals between the facial nerves and the muscles which move and cause dynamic wrinkling of the skin. Think forehead lines, crow’s feet, Glabellar lines (the vertical lines between your eyebrows) and bunny lines (the lines down the sides of your nose). These read more

Keeping lips smooth, plump and hydrated this winter, with dermal fillers

 15th March 2023
How do dermal fillers re-shape the lips? Dermal fillers are substances which contain hyaluronic acid. This mimics our own stores, which, as we age are depleted. Hyaluronic acid (or HA) helps to hydrate and cushion the skin tissues. The loss of HA means the skin becomes more fragile, lines and wrinkles can appear and in the case of the lips, can thin them, making them look aged. Once a treatment read more

‘Winter proofing’ your skin with dermal fillers

 15th March 2023
How can dermal fillers help my skin in winter? A treatment with dermal fillers doesn’t have to mean dramatic changes to facial contours or complete re-shaping of certain features. Dr Anita Dhunna can use very light, fluid dermal fillers which contain hyaluronic acid (HA), a super-hydrator for the skin, to replenish the lost HA in our own skin and to encourage collagen production for more resilience. This happens in 2 read more

Beat winter skin blues with Botox®

 15th March 2023
Ok, so Botox® might not hydrate or plump the skin, but it can certainly help you to look and feel better during those bleak winter months, as well as throughout the year. Where dermal fillers utilise hyaluronic acid to add volume to the skin, Botox® uses the powers of neurotoxin, to block the nerve receptors which cause dynamic lines and wrinkles of the skin. Dermal fillers ‘fill’ but Botox® relaxes read more

Naturally beautiful in 2023

 5th December 2022
Botox® by Dr Anita Dhunna Botox® is a hugely popular injectable treatment which utilises a substance called botulinum toxin type A. This substance temporarily relaxes the facial muscles that can cause dynamic, expression lines and wrinkles. It can be administered in minutes and the results can last several months. It is not a painful treatment and does not require any anaesthetic. There is no clinical downtime and you can return read more

Introducing our new Hatfield clinic

 5th December 2022
So what does the new Hatfield clinic have to offer? The new Hatfield clinic will offer the same excellent levels of service and professionalism, so synonymous with Dr Anita Dhunna’s existing clinics. As a medical professional and a highly-experienced specialist in non-surgical treatments, Dr Anita Dhunna offers a range of clinically-proven, safe and effective treatments which include injectables such as Botox®, dermal fillers and skin re-modellers, dermal threads and medical read more

The benefits of Botox®, in time for Christmas

 14th November 2022
Botox® is a quick and effective way to temporarily smooth expression lines this Christmas. read more

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