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Cosmetic injectable treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections (Botox) are hugely popular non-surgical procedures, which can offer youth-giving results with little-to-no downtime and offer results that can last many months. Per thousand, there are more people having Botox in the UK than the USA and numbers are on the increase year-on-year. Why? Because the latest techniques offer the opportunity for more and more patients of varying ages to enjoy the results that Botox offers, without the fear of looking frozen or overdone.

One such treatment has been named ‘Baby Botox’ as patients who are perhaps nervous to have a full-blown Botox treatment or those who are younger and need less of the product injected, can try this treatment. Where it used to be thought that those over the age of 35 were the ones most likely to have Botox, those patients in their 20’s can benefit from this preventative technique. From her clinics in Harley Street and in Essex and Hertfordshire, Dr Anita offers both traditional Botox treatments, as well as Baby Botox.

So what are the differences between Botox and Baby Botox?

Baby Botox is quite simply the administration of smaller doses of Botulinum Toxin Type A (the neurotoxin used for anti-wrinkle injections) in to specifically chosen areas of the face to help to relax the muscles that cause facial expression lines. The doses given in a Baby Botox treatment are usually half those administered during a regular Botox treatment.

Baby Botox is popular amongst those who are taking their first steps in to the world of injectable cosmetic treatments, and is a great treatment for those who simply want a very natural, subtle enhancement, or who wish to use Botox as a preventative for future anti-ageing purposes. Many people in the public eye such as actors, performers and celebrities choose Baby Botox to simply reduce lines but without affecting any of their expressions. It can also be a nice entry-level treatment for a patient who wants to ‘dip their toe’ in to the world of aesthetic injectable treatments.

Baby Botox is also used more superficially to help skin that is showing the very first signs of ageing (for those in their early to mid 20s). Again, a Baby Botox treatment will not affect the muscles underneath but will smooth the superficial layers of the skin, helping to give the skin a naturally youthful glow.

Baby Botox does wear off faster than a traditional Botox treatment, which is helpful for those who simply want to try the treatment or if an actor for example, wants a treatment between filming or performances.

Am I suitable for a Baby Botox treatment with Dr Anita Dhunna?

Before any treatment can commence, Dr Anita Dhunna will spend time discussing your facial concerns in a pre-treatment consultation, to ascertain which Botox treatment may be the right one for your needs. If you are new to Botox, Baby Botox may be perfect as a starting treatment. With any injectable treatment, the key is to obtain a natural looking result. Dr Anita Dhunna will never administer Botox in a way which makes you look frozen, but may decide to start with Baby Botox, in order to ascertain how you will respond to the treatment, before deciding whether a full dose of Botox will be suitable, in your next appointment.

Whichever treatment you and Dr Anita Dhunna decide upon, you can be sure that you’ll love the results. With careful consideration to your unique facial anatomy and goals, together you can decide whether Botox or Baby Botox will be right for you.