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Are you considering a dermal filler treatment? Are you researching practitioners in your area to find someone who can offer a first class dermal filler treatment, either in London, Essex or Hertfordshire?

It’s very easy to assume that a treatment using dermal fillers to augment or re-shape the lips is pretty ‘one-size fits all’, especially when most medical practitioners will charge a set price for a fixed amount of product (usually per 1ml syringe). However, the best lip filler treatments in London, Essex and Hertfordshire, simply don’t just rely on the use of a set amount of filler or indeed, one particular ‘type’ of filler. Dr Anita Dhunna has been re-shaping the lips of glamorous and beautiful people for longer than she’d care to mention and with so many non-medical practitioners out there with no formal medical qualifications, with syringe poised to deliver and believing they know all the intricacies of the facial anatomy to deliver this medical device, but not truly knowing what to do if something goes wrong (the risks of tissue necrosis caused by injecting in to a blood vessel, risk of blindness or occlusion of the tissues), there are many reasons why Dr Anita Dhunna could be your best choice, for a lip filler treatment.

A dermal filler lip treatment requires not only medical expertise and years of experience, but a flair for the artistic and creative. Not only is Dr Anita Dhunna a medically-qualified dentist with a deep understanding of anatomical profiling and projection, but is well versed in a variety of specialised techniques, using a range of FDA approved dermal fillers with varying properties, to artistically and safely create a bespoke lip treatment to suit each and every individual that she treats.

Lips need to be considered as a feature of the face and when looking at re-shaping the lips, a careful assessment needs to take place, not only to ascertain the wishes of the patient, but to plan the treatment as such, so as to keep the lip contour in proportion with the rest of the facial features. ‘So called’ fashionable looks such as ‘Russian lips’ where the lip projection is flattened but the cupid’s bow raised for an upturned ‘pout’ can have their drawbacks and later on, complications may occur, if the unique anatomy of the individual patient is not carefully ascertained and taken in to account. Over-filling the lips can result in hard and unsightly lumps, an un-natural appearance and pout heaviness (duck lips), and at the same time, under-filling can cause underwhelming results for the patient, when the correct size or shape of the lip is not achieved.

Dr Anita Dhunna has studied the facial intricacies not only during her medical and aesthetic training, but as a keen lover of art and facial sculpting. She also understands that listening to her patients and what they wish to achieve, needs to be coupled with sensible advice, so as to deliver a safe treatment with beautiful, pleasing, but natural-looking results.

Dermal fillers cannot be treated with flippancy and patients can be better educated on quantities required, when medical practitioners, such as Dr Anita Dhunna are practicing aesthetic medicine correctly and offering insightful and expert advice, into why a specific amount of a certain type of filler may be correct for one patient, but not another.

If you are seriously considering having a dermal filler treatment to enhance or augment your lips, call us to arrange a no obligation, initial consultation with Dr Anita Dhunna and begin your journey as you mean to go on; with a medical expert by your side, offering the results you truly desire, in the safest way possible.