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Reversing ageing and volume loss with injectable treatments and skincare

Volume loss in the facial regions is one of the key elements of ageing, and can make a huge impact on our appearance. Facial ageing isn’t something that suddenly happens in our late 30s, it can start to appear as young as the late 20s. When facial ageing does begin to show, Dr Anita Dhunna, one of the most experienced facial cosmetic specialists in the UK, can help.

Addressing ageing in younger patients

For those patients who are seeing the first signs of ageing, treating the face with some Botox® and high-grade skincare at this stage can really help to slow down the ageing process.

Educating her patients on caring for their skin and avoiding the harmful rays of the sun, is something that Dr Anita Dhunna is passionate about. During our twenties we can do some real damage, with sun-drenched holidays, lack of sleep and burning the candle at both ends. We don’t have to compromise on our enjoyment of life, but we should start to be mindful of how our lifestyles at this stage can affect our skin, later on.

If we aim to start caring for our skin and using the right products during this time, we could be reaping the dividends later on and seeing real results in the meantime!

Preventing the signs of ageing~

For those who are in their 30s and 40s, the lower face can start to experience more extreme signs of volume loss and skin ageing. This is because, as ageing progresses, bone, fat and muscle mass in the face are all depleted. The skin can become dry and crêpey and more deep set wrinkles can appear. Vital substances which give the skin it’s youthful volume and glow, such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are all depleted, and at an alarming rate! Jowls can also be seen and the jawline and chin contour can suffer. Yo-yo dieting, excessive exercise and lack of sleep can all contribute to volume loss in the skin, as well as environmental stresses and pollution.

Seeing Dr Anita Dhunna in these vital times will mean obtaining the best, most suitable injectable treatments and advice possible, to help reverse the signs of ageing, but offering the most natural-looking results. Botox®, dermal fillers, skin boosters and dermal threads can all play their part in creating a more youthful looking you and Dr Anita Dhunna insists on helping her patients look and feel wonderful, but without compromising their natural beauty.

Attempting to make someone in their 50s look twenty again is a recipe for disaster! Rather give someone a fresher, smoother and plumper skinned appearance to complement their age, than to over-fill, over-freeze and offer unrealistic expectations is what Dr Anita Dhunna strives to do. “Less is more” is Dr Anita’s mantra, and to start conservatively will mean seeing natural-looking, rather than scary-looking results.

Reversing ageing in patients aged 50+

In our 50s, we may start to need more intensive treatments, but still keeping that natural look that we want to achieve.

Some treatments may not be as effective in our 50s, if we have only just started having cosmetic intervention, so it’s important at this stage, to discuss with Dr Anita Dhunna, the kinds of non-surgical procedures that will yield significant results, without resorting to invasive surgery or desperate measures.

More viscous, sculpting dermal fillers may be required and dermal threads may be incorporated for a full face lifting results. Skincare which is highly-effective and medical-grade will also help to give the skin a healthy glow and help with issues such as dehydration and pigmentation. Keeping regular appointments with Dr Anita at this stage will mean all the difference between ok skin in our 50s, and beautiful skin.

No matter whether you are in your late twenties and just want to subtly lift or improve certain areas or even the general condition of your skin, or you are seeing more significant signs of ageing and would like a more holistic treatment plan, Dr Anita Dhunna can offer her many years of experience, her honest advice and an array of non-surgical, cosmetic procedures, products and treatments, which are clinically-proven to reduce the unwanted signs of ageing. Invest in your skin as soon as you can and your skin will love you for it as the years pass.

For more information about volume loss and facial ageing, contact our team to arrange a no obligation consultation with Dr Anita Dhunna.