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Post-holiday skin rejuvenation

post holiday skinAfter a hot summer and those far away holidays which seemed to last a fleeting moment, we are now beginning to feel the cooler climes creep in. The sun, though wonderful to languish in, has other designs on our skin, and the after-effects of a summer holiday or long weekends spent relaxing in the garden, can take its ageing toll on our complexion.

Problems such as dehydration and fine lines and wrinkles can be noticed, long after the sun’s rays have disappeared, especially if we haven’t been using as much SPF as we should or wearing a protective hat very often. Dr Anita Dhunna sees these problems happen after the summer, very often and, although always recommends the use of both chemical and physical protection from harmful UV rays, she also offers dermal fillers as a highly-effective skin rejuvenation option, to smooth lines and wrinkles and offer a boost of hydration to sun-damaged skin.

How do dermal fillers hydrate the skin?

Dermal fillers are comprised of a substance called hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a substance which naturally occurs in the body, in areas such as the eyes, connective tissues, joints and of course, the skin. HA acts to cushion and hydrate and when it depletes through ageing or sun exposure, can leave the skin looking and feeling parched. Fine lines and wrinkles can appear; that ‘crêpey’ texture so synonymous with sun-exposure can be seen and the skin takes on a dehydrated tone. Using dermal fillers with a composition of HA and a gel-like carrier, helps to not only physically augment the skin tissues (fill fine lines and lift sagging skin) but replaces the skin with the lost HA. Over time, the HA drenches the skin cells in moisture and helps them to recover from the damage which has been caused during the hot season. As dermal fillers are injected using a needle or a cannula, this ‘trauma’ to the skin also encourages a healing response. The skin begins to make more collagen and elastin (the building blocks of youthful and healthy skin) and over time, a more hydrated, resilient and glowing skin tone can be experienced.

Although dermal fillers should not be considered a substitute to taking very good care of your skin in the hot weather, their use for skin repair can’t be argued with. As HA is a natural substance in our bodies, the synthesised version contained in temporary FDA-approved dermal fillers has very little to no side-effects in our system, as it is readily accepted by the skin, unlike some collagen or permanent fillers, which are not regulated for use in the UK. It’s important to understand however, that not everyone should be administering these medical ‘devices’. Only medically-trained doctors, dentists, prescribing nurses or surgeons should be using dermal fillers, as only these practitioners deeply understand the anatomy of the face, can deal with any unforeseen complications and can also ‘dissolve’ any filler which might be accidentally injected in to a vein or vessel. There are many non-medical practitioners now using needles and cannulas to inject dermal fillers and the aesthetic industry considers this as very risky indeed. For the most beautiful results when re-hydrating and replenishing your skin using dermal fillers, insist on a medical practitioner for your injectable treatment.

How long do the results of a dermal filler for skin rehydration last?

This all depends on your skin quality, age, lifestyle, diet and of course, how you take care of your skin moving forward. HA is degraded more readily when the skin is exposed to sunlight (even in the autumn and winter months) and can be lost faster if you smoke or exercise vigorously, very often. So, to ensure your results last for several months, speak with Dr Anita Dhunna about how you can maximise them, before another treatment is required.

For hydrated, smoother and recovered skin, a dermal filler treatment could be what you need to re-set your skin; but don’t forget to keep your skin protected with good quality SPF skincare and sensible sun exposure in the future, for optimum results.