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PDO Threadlift

PDO-ThreadliftPDO (Polydioxanone) threads is a revolutionary non-surgical approach to help rejuvenate skin and combat sagging skin by lifting the skin without the intervention of surgery and little down time.

PDO has been used in the medical industry for over 30 years in the form of sutures (stitches) during operations. Developed in the Far East, the technique was introduced with acupuncture needles and has been used for skin lifting and rejuvenation for over 15 years

Unlike the PDO threads that come from China, Dr Anita Dhunna utilises the revolutionary 2nd generation PDO thread which are manufactured in Korea and are Europe CE marked which ensure their quality and safety.

A similar procedure to dermal fillers, a small needle is inserted into the skin which carries the PDO thread within it. The needle is removed and the thread remains under the skin where it aids collagen stimulation thereby lifting the skin. The thread naturally dissolves into carbon dioxide and water after a few months stimulating collagen development.

Dr Anita Dhunna is experienced in using different types of PDO threads for a result that is suitable for your skin and aesthetic requirement.

A fine thread can be placed into areas of the face and body to revitalise and restore skin structure and improve elasticity by gentle collagen stimulation. These threads can be used in the forehead, under eye area, smokers lines, nose to mouth lines, chin, neck, décolletage, thighs and buttocks.

For a gentle lift of the skin and restoration, a spiral thread can be placed into areas the specific area. These can be used in the face for sagging cheeks and eyebrows, the jawline and chin areas.

If a stronger lift of the skin is required where skin has lost a lot of elasticity, a thread with small hooks can be placed to lift and tighten areas giving a nice eyebrow lift or lifting sagging skin on the face.

4 Dimensional PDO Threads

Dr Anita Dhunna is one of very few practitioners highly trained in using the 4D Barb PDO threads. This specific thread has small hooks in four directions and is introduced into the skin inside a cannula. The result is an incredible lift and immediate tightness to loose skin around the neck and jawline.
On average at least 2 threads are used per side and with a cannula being used, there is a reduced risk of bruising as no needle is required.
Local anaesthetic is used at the entry point of the cannula so the treatment is relatively painless. The results from the collagen development can last up to 2 years.

Side effects

As with most procedures, there is a risk of swelling and bruising. However, unlike other threads on the market, there are no cones which means there is less compression of the skin and only one entry point to the needle/cannula. Rouching of the skin is also minimised and therefore downtime is reduced. Majority of patients can return back to work after the procedure.