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Love your lips – subtle enhancements to frame the face

love your lipsIf you are someone who knows about dermal fillers, you will know that when used in the lips, they can offer significant improvements to this area. Dr Anita Dhunna has been using dermal fillers to enhance the lips of thousands of her patients and one of the things that she insists on, when carrying out this treatment, is a natural appearance. Dermal fillers must only be administered by medical professionals who truly know and understand the anatomy of the face, the products that are safe and effective and the innovative techniques that can reduce downtime, swelling and side effects. At Dr Anita’s clinics in London’s Harley Street, Essex and Hertfordshire, perfection has no exception, when it comes to dermal fillers to subtly enhance the lips, to frame the entire face.

What exactly are dermal fillers?

Unlike permanent collagen fillers, which are actually banned in the UK, the dermal fillers that Dr Anita Dhunna uses, are made up of a substance which has a gel-like quality and contain hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural ‘sugar’ which is found within the body, in areas such as the eye, joints, connective tissues and the skin. HA is a super-hydrator for the skin and can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water. As these dermal fillers are injected in to the skin tissues, they not only support and lift them, but over time, offer supreme hydration to the skin cells, plumping and volumising as well as smoothing lines, wrinkles and deep crevices. Dermal fillers have so many uses, it’s very difficult to list them all, but within the lips they can help create volume, correct asymmetry, reduce the appearance of smoker’s lines and lift the corners of the mouth. Dr Anita Dhunna is medically trained to administer dermal fillers safely and effectively, so that minimal bruising and side-effects are experienced, following this treatment.

Where in the lips can dermal fillers be placed?

Depending on your unique facial anatomy and what Dr Anita decides would be an effective treatment, dermal fillers may be injected in to a variety of areas of your lips. The vermillion boarder is the line that runs around the edges of your lips. When this is injected with dermal fillers, asymmetry and improvements to the shape of the lips can be addressed. When injected in to the body of the lips, a plump pout can be achieved. Depending on your individual requirements, Dr Anita Dhunna may choose to inject dermal fillers in to the following areas:-

• Vermillion border (upper lip only)
• Vermillion border (lower lip only)
• Vermillion border (both upper and lower lips)
• Body of the lips (upper only)
• Body of the lips (lower only)
• Body of the lips (both upper and lower)
• Vermillion border and body of the lips (upper only / lower only / both )

There really are so many ways in which the lips can be enhanced, from improving their profile projection to up-turning the top lip, for a fuller appearance and shorter distance from the bottom of the nose to the top lip (as we age, the philtrum can seem longer, as our upper lips start to thin and turn inwards). We can also enhance a bottom lip which is thinner than the upper, or enhance both, for a dramatic effect. However, it’s so important to take in to account the natural contours and subtle nuances of the entire face, before exploring the possible changes that can be made to the lips. Ensuring that the facial appearance as a whole, is respected, is what makes the difference between an ‘ok’ cosmetic injector and a ‘superb’ one. In most cases, a medical qualification, a vast amount of experience and an artistic eye is what is required to ensure the most beautiful result, every time.

Dr Anita Dhunna has practiced aesthetic enhancement using dermal fillers for many years and has studied with some of the world leaders in their field. She takes time to get to know each and every one of her patients, so that she can fully understand their facial concerns and how they would like their lips to be enhanced and rejuvenated. There is never compromise, never a short cut and never a quick fix. This procedure needs to be considered with the utmost care, caution and deliberation, so that the perfect lip shape is achieved for your needs. The beauty of HA dermal fillers is that they are temporary (results lasting up to 12 months), so as your facial needs change over time, subtle tweaks and alterations can be made, to compliment your visage perfectly. This makes for supreme facial beauty in a natural way, time after time.

For more information about how you can achieve subtle enhancements for maximum effect using dermal fillers for the lips, contact our reception team, to book your no obligation initial consultation and facial analysis with Dr Anita Dhunna.