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Lip filler aftercare – the do’s and don’ts after having lip augmentation

Lip filler aftercare: Dermal fillers for the lips have become one of the most sought after and famous treatments in the UK to enhance, beautify and augment the lip area. A straight forward procedure to administer (for expert medical practitioners who have been extensively trained in this treatment), very little downtime and up to 12 months of results, dermal fillers for the lips provide a non-surgical solution for the signs of ageing, asymmetry or a misshapen lip profile.
It’s not surprising therefore that both men and women of all ages look to this treatment to offer fast and effective results that can last months at a time. From her clinics based in London and Essex, Dr Anita Dhunna, a medically qualified aesthetic practitioner offers dermal fillers for lip augmentation and produces stunning results.
As with any injectable treatment, there needs to be an element of aftercare in order to maintain exquisite results and to minimise the risk of complications and side-effects. This is where your efforts at home help maximise the skilled work that Dr Anita Dhunna has achieved for you in her clinic.

What do I do immediately after lip fillers?

After your lip filler treatment, there is no clinical downtime. This means that you are not incapacitated or need bed rest, so can return to your daily activities, adhering to the aftercare advice that Dr Anita Dhunna offers. However, there may be some ‘vanity’ downtime – meaning that you might experience some swelling, slight bruising and tenderness for a few days after your treatment.
Using ice, arnica tablets and avoiding hot baths, saunas and steam rooms as well as excessive exercise can minimise bruising, swelling and soreness after the procedure, for at least 24 hours. Making sure you don’t rub or massage the area and laying on your back when you go to bed will also prevent the product injected being moved in to unwanted areas, surrounding the lips.
Being gentle with yourself and sensible in regards to your activities will help your lips to ‘settle’ and the points of injection to heal. It’s also worth avoiding hot beverages and excessive alcohol after your treatment. As dermal fillers contain an anaesthetic, your lips may still be slightly numb after the procedure and drinking anything too hot may scald your lips without you realising it.
Alcohol increases vascular activity as well as masking sensation and although a glass of wine is not going to be an issue, drinking excessively following your procedure could lead to more bruising and the risk of forgetting the aftercare advice given and perhaps touching or rubbing your lips inadvertently.

What do I do in the days that follow my lip filler treatment?

As dermal fillers for the lips are non-invasive and do not involve any surgical measures, recovery is extremely quick and apart from some possible swelling and slight bruising (now minimised with the use of cannulas during treatment or specific medical injection techniques), you can return to your activities and not really worry about maintaining any specific aftercare. Really, it’s about using your common sense and preventing the lips from coming in to contact with anything that may irritate or aggravate them.
Using a mineral makeup 24 hours after your treatment can disguise any slight bruising and is better for the skin. After 2 or 3 days, your lips should be settling and any swelling should be subsiding.
Of course, if you are concerned about any aspect of your recovery in the days that follow your lip filler treatment, you can contact Dr Anita Dhunna and if need be, arrange a follow up appointment, sooner than the 2 week period, usually advised to return to the surgery for assessment.

What if I don’t like the shape of my lips?

It’s important to remember that your lips are unique and their shape will be enhanced by the use of dermal fillers. Dr Anita Dhunna will make sure that she discusses with you, the type of result you are looking for, prior to your treatment, so she can apply the dermal fillers in specific areas, for the best possible outcome.
Your full result will probably be seen at around 2 weeks post procedure and if you are at all unhappy with the result, this can be discussed and alterations can be made by either using some more product in the areas you feel still need some enhancement, or by injecting a substance to dissolve the filler. This is called hyaluronidase (Hyalase) and is found naturally within the body. If you feel that the lip filler has not worked for you, this can be applied and in the days that follow, the HA within the dermal filler will be gently eradicated and will naturally leave the body.
However, this measure is extremely very rare, as Dr Anita Dhunna offers an in-depth pre-treatment consultation and it is at this very first stage that she will offer you all the advice and information to make an informed and educated decision as to whether dermal fillers for the lips are indeed for you. She will also ask you several questions to determine whether she feels that lip fillers will benefit you, your facial concerns and your sense of wellbeing.

How long will the results last and how do I maintain them?

Results vary from patient to patient and individual metabolism of the dermal filler product. If you are someone who takes good care of your skin, you avoid excessive sun exposure, you eat well, do not smoke and take regular but not excessively strenuous exercise, you can expect your results to last between 6 and 12 months. Some patients can experience results for even longer and others may find that their bodies eliminate hyaluronic acid dermal fillers in a shorter period. It is also down to the quality of the FDA approved dermal filler used. It is well known that the Juvederm brand has given long lasting results. No one patient is the same and this cannot be determined. However, you can discuss your lifestyle and expected results in your pre-treatment consultation with Dr Anita Dhunna.
Dermal fillers for the lips are a safe and effective non-invasive solution to restore, revitalise and reshape the lips and at Dr Anita Dhunna’s clinics in London and Essex you can be sure of a professional, clinical environment and the very best in aesthetic techniques and dermal filler products. It’s then up to you to maintain your beautiful lips like precious jewels for lasting, beautiful results.

Lip filler in Essex and London with Dr Anita Dhunna

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