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Improving smiles with injectables

Did you know that Dr Anita Dhunna is also a medically-qualified dentist? As well as being one of the UK’s most practised and respected cosmetic doctors!

Being a dentist has helped Dr Anita perfect smiles in ways that facial injectors alone, cannot. As you can imagine, the teeth are incredibly important for a beautiful mouth appearance, but Dr Anita has another ace up her sleeve when it comes to creating a stunning smile.

Using her unique skills as a medical facial ‘artist’ and substances such as Botox® (Botulinum Toxin Type A) and dermal fillers, Dr Anita can offer a holistic approach to improving both the teeth, the gums and the lip appearance for a radiant and stunning smile that is unsurpassed.

Dr Anita uses her artistic flair, extensive medical knowledge of the facial anatomy and passion for glamourous beauty to decipher how the mouth will sit over the teeth, to place injections of  Botox® for a gummy smile and dermal fillers to plump and augment the lips for a fantastic outcome.

Botox® for a gummy smile – how does it work?

Botox® is a brand name for Botulinum Toxin Type A and it is the most premium type, (other brands on the market – Azzalure, BoCouture, Xeomin and Dysport).  Botox® stops nerve transmissions to the muscles that cause movement. Hence, it is superb for dynamic wrinkles and expression lines, and when used for a gummy smile, Botox® can prove highly-effective and with no need for drastic surgery.

During the treatment, Dr Anita will inject a small amount of Botox® into both sides of your nostril, which weakens the upper lip elevator muscles. The effect can normally start to show after a few days. However, the full results can take up to 2 weeks. Treatment can have a significant impact on how you smile, your confidence, and your mouth and teeth’ appearance. This is achieved in less than 30-minutes, with results which can last up to 4 months at a time!

Dermal fillers

Most of us are well aware that dermal fillers can augment the lips without surgical intervention. However, this treatment is now being administered by practitioners without medical qualifications or prior knowledge of facial anatomy, the anatomy of the teeth, and with no training on how to deal with unforeseen circumstances or serious reactions that could occur. This is where the problems are happening.
If not administered by fully-qualified medics, injectable cosmetic procedures can go wrong in so many ways, from an unsatisfactory outcome and appearance to dangers such as skin necrosis and even blindness. It is so important that you only visit a medical professional for ANY injectable cosmetic treatment. Dr Anita Dhunna is medically qualified as well as her extensive aesthetic training.
She has a duty of care to all her patients and is regularly updating her skills and knowledge for the most innovative and state-of-the-art techniques and treatment protocols.
Dermal fillers can offer beautiful results when injected into specific areas of the lips. They can improve the following conditions:-

  • Thin, ageing lips
  • Dehydrated lips
  • Asymmetrical lips
  • A weak cupid’s bow
  • A top lip that requires lifting
  • Lack of volume in the upper or lower lip
  • Lips that require re-shaping and enlarging for that glamorous ‘look’ (our younger patients like this treatment for a more dramatic effect)
  • Reducing smoker’s lines or wrinkles caused by sun damage
  • Increasing the side-profile of the lips

Dr Anita Dhunna only uses FDA-approved dermal fillers and among her very favourites is the Juvéderm range by Allergan. Famous for their very long lasting effect and extensive safety record, the Juvéderm range of fillers contain lidocaine, an injectable anaesthetic, so no initial injections are required. If you are particularly sensitive, Dr Anita can apply some topical anaesthetic to the area, before injection. However, it’s not always necessary. The use of ice and a cannula (a blunt-ended needle, far more comfortable for lip injections) have made dermal filler treatments for the lips a more comfortable experience for patients. Patients can see results immediately, and downtime is minimal to none. Having dermal fillers for your lips won’t stop you getting on with your day. Still, there will be some simple aftercare instructions to follow as well as some possible swelling, tenderness and the odd small bruise, so it’s essential to time your lip filler treatment around any special events or social engagements, accordingly.
The mouth is a focal point of your face, exudes sensuality, expression and vitality. Dr Anita Dhunna has spent many years studying the facial anatomy, both in her dentistry and cosmetic practice with injectables so that she can perfect your smile like no other! For a no-obligation consultation, contact our clinic team on 02080999248 to book your appointment and take your first steps to getting the perfect smile!

Finding our clinics

Dr Anita has 2 practices – Brookman’s Park-Hatfield, Hertfordshire; easily accessible from areas such as Stevenage, St Albans, Watford, Edgeware, Welwyn and Boreham Wood and North London, and Lily House – South Woodford, Essex; accessed easily from areas such as Epping, Chigwell, Loughton, Walthamstow, Wanstead, Ilford, Romford, Cheshunt and East London. Both locations are located close to the M25 with Brookman’s Park located near the A1, M11 and A10 and the South Woodford Clinic, close to the A12, A127 and the A406.