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How to plan your injectable treatments, before the party season

The Christmas party season brings glamour, sparkle and celebration to our lives and with this in mind, we want to look fabulous for the festivities. If you are someone who is considering cosmetic enhancement, so that you can really shine this Christmas, it’s worth looking in to injectables and how these can improve your looks, with minimal downtime. However, various treatments do mean some level of ‘cosmetic’ recovery and mild side-effects, such as bruising and swelling. Dr Anita Dhunna is an expert in advising her patients on how to time their injectable treatments, so that you can look and feel your very best throughout the Christmas period.

Here are some popular treatments and the suggested times that you should allow, for any cosmetic downtime to dissipate:-

Botox® (wrinkle-smoothing injections)

Revered for their quick and lasting effects on expression lines and wrinkles, Botox® injections offer minimal to no cosmetic downtime. As the needles which deliver these injections are super-fine, there is no requirement for pre-treatment anaesthesia and side-effects are negligible. You may experience some pin prick bumps for a couple of hours and the odd, very slight bruise on occasion, but as far as cosmetic downtime is concerned, that’s about it! However, results can take up to 2 weeks to optimise, so if you want full results to be apparent at your Christmas soirée, then opt to have your Botox® treatment 2 weeks in advance.

Dermal fillers

The most versatile, face and skin augmenting product around, dermal fillers offer a symposium of youth-giving possibilities. However, as some of the products used can be quite viscous and delivery can be deeper in to the skin than Botox® (in some cases, the needle will go down to bone level) a slower recovery and more apparent cosmetic side-effects, such as bruises, swelling and redness can be visible for up to 3 weeks. Results are immediate, but the side-effects can take longer to disappear. In some cases, there are minimal after-effects, but it’s worth planning your dermal filler treatment around 3 weeks to a month in advance of any special seasonal event, to be sure of a perfect complexion with no signs of post-treatment oedema, swelling or bruises.

Profhilo®, Polynucleotides and Restylane Skin Boosters

With minimal downtime but a requirement for more than one treatment session for optimum results, it’s worth hurrying to get your first treatment using one of these substances, booked, so that your skin will begin to respond and show results, in time for Christmas. You may be able to have 2 treatments before the Christmas season but will need to give a week or so for any potential slight bruises, pin-prick bumps and potential swelling to go down. Therefore, we ask that if you are interested in these treatments, that you call us and book in your initial consultation as soon as possible, so that you can benefit from seeing some skin-saving results in time for the festivities.

Injectable treatments are famed for their low levels of downtime and exceptional results. If you want to look and feel fabulous for the festive season, make sure you make an appointment soon, so that you have plenty of time for an initial assessment and treatment with Dr Anita Dhunna, with no chance of any visible side-effects, come your special party or yuletide event.