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Harnessing nature’s derivatives for aesthetic innovations

It’s fairly well known that some of the best treatments in medicine come from natural sources. Penicillin derived from mold, Codeine, from a poppy and Theobromine from Cocoa, are just some examples of substances which benefit human beings, that come from nature. In Aesthetic Medicine, many substances that are used for the cosmetic enhancement of the face, skin and hair are also derived from substances which have been found in living organisms (Botox® for example). One of the newest innovations in cosmetic medicine, but something that has been used in medical skin healing for around 35 years, has also been extracted, ethically from living things. The substance is Polynucleotides; the living organisms? – salmon and trout sperm.

What are polynucleotides? And what can they do for me?

Polynucleotides are extracted DNA fractions from the sperm of trout and salmon. They, attract water molecules which assists in the hydration of dehydrated, dry and ageing skin, from within. They also carry out an anti-free radical action, scavenging skin-damaging OH hydroxyl radicals. These radicals accumulate within the skin, as a result of cell damage from a variety of external and human factors, such as UV light, pollution and stress. After they have been extracted, the polynucleotides are filtered and ultra-purified; after which, the DNA fractions contained in the substance are expertly injected in to the mid dermis. This helps to initiate the body’s own natural fibroblast production, resulting in a more resilient, thicker and healthier epidermis. Inflammation of the skin is reduced and increased collagen production helps to restore a youthful vitality to the complexion.

If you’re wondering how polynucleotides can help you, the list of skin conditions that they can treat is varied and comprehensive. They include:-

  • Dry, dehydrated skin
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Trauma scars from surgery or injury
  • Rosacea
  • Hair loss
  • Lines, wrinkles and skin sagging
  • Hyperpigmentation caused by UV rays
  • Stretch marks

Dr Anita Dhunna is one of the UK’s first practitioners to be offering polynucleotide treatments from her clinics in South Woodford, Hatfield and Bishops Stortford. She has recognised the power harnessed within these revolutionary substances, trained with elite educators to perform the treatment, and has chosen the brands she uses Plenyhage® XL medium and Plenyhage® XL Strong, Newest and PLINEST, discerningly, for their safety and efficacy.

If you feel that your skin could be better, more youthful, glowing and renewed, simply call to book a no obligation consultation with Dr Anita Dhunna, to see how polynucleotides could refresh and heal your skin.