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Getting ready for party season

With the duller weather and colder climes comes the anticipation and excitement that the party season for Christmas is just around the corner. It’s been an odd year or so, but with restrictions lifted for this year’s festivities, thoughts turn to posh frocks, smart suits and looking our most glamourous. From her many clinics in London, Essex and Hertfordshire, Dr Anita Dhunna always finds herself busier than ever at this time of year, as patients need to start prepping their skin and looks for the Christmas social calendars, and this year is no exception.

The first thing to think about when it comes to prepping your skin for the party season is what you put inside your body. Eating well and drinking plenty of water can improve the quality of the skin no end. So before even considering your Botox®, dermal fillers, threads or peels, think about your diet and hydration. Eating plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, whole grains, nuts and good fats (think avocados not Mars Bars) will contribute to your vitamin intake, the eradication of toxins and will help keep your skin resilient, not only through those social events where you might burn the candle at both ends and drink a little more Champagne than expected, but in centrally heated environments, against cold winds and through days with lack of sunlight. Winter can play havoc with the skin, so we need to nourish it from the inside with good food and plenty of water.

If you are opting for some cosmetic intervention with Dr Anita Dhunna, it’s worth planning your timescales around your treatments and this is due to possible swelling, tenderness, redness or bruising, following some treatments. We would not wish to give you a dermal filler lip treatment the day before a special party or get together and we would recommend at least a 2 week lead time so as to let the product settle and for any swelling, bruising or tenderness to subside. As with any cosmetic treatment, a full consultation is carried out by Dr Anita Dhunna, before making the decision to go ahead, so whether it’s a touch of Botox® or a full facial rejuvenation using a combination of fillers, threads and toxin, Dr Anita would be able to advise when to have the treatment, so you are looking your best and have no signs of ‘work’ such as slight bruising, at your office party or your special Christmas event.

Remember also, that some procedures require several treatments, before attaining optimum results, such as a course of dermal peels for example. If Dr Anita recommends 2 to 3 treatment sessions, these will need to be planned ahead and you may not have time to spread all your treatments prior to Christmas if you don’t book in early. Remember, everyone is going to be clambering for Dr Anita Dhunna’s time and calendar, so book quickly to avoid disappointment.

Making sure that you keep fit and healthy, as well as investing in some cosmetic enhancement can help make all the difference to your skin and facial appearance for the coming party season. With Dr Anita Dhunna’s medical expertise and keen eye for artistic facial beautification, as well as no-nonsense advice, you can look amazing for the winter months, those fun parties, social gatherings and family get-togethers that we are all looking forward to this year. If you time your treatments and take guidance from Dr Anita Dhunna on which procedures could help you regain a youthful look, you can step into your party attire and feel fabulous, this party season.