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Focus on eyes

The saying “the eyes are the windows to our soul” couldn’t be more true. Infact, one could argue that they’re the focal attention point of the face. They tell someone if we are happy, sad, tired or troubled and as we age, can exacerbate the ageing process. There are so many concerns which can affect the eyes, from loose skin (eye bags) and dark circles to fine and deeper lines and wrinkles. It’s no wonder that eye treatments are some of the most sought after at Dr Anita Dhunna’s clinics in South Woodford, Hatfield and Bishops Stortford.

How can I reduce the signs of ageing around my eyes?

Fortunately there are so many non-surgical solutions to ageing around the eyes, surgery is very much a last resort these days. From dermal fillers for tear trough treatment to the lightening of dark circles using Light Eyes as well as lifting the brow using Botox® and fillers, the non-surgical approach can usually be all it needs, to rejuvenate your skin, tighten bags, brighten the eye area and lift the brow for a more youthful and wide-awake appearance and even more fortunately, Dr Anita Dhunna offers every single one of these treatments!

Tear trough treatments using dermal fillers

The use of dermal fillers for reducing wrinkles and sculpting facial contours is well documented and hugely popular amongst aesthetic medical professionals and their patients, but did you know, you can reduce under eye bags and dark circles using dermal fillers too? When carefully injected in to the crevice under the eye bag, the tear trough is rejuvenated and dark circles can be disguised. The treatment can take as little as a few minutes and the results are immediate. Tear trough treatments using dermal fillers, as with any non-surgical injectable treatment, must be administered by a medical professional such as Dr Anita Dhunna. This extremely delicate area needs to be handled carefully and only a seasoned aesthetic practitioner with specific training in this area should undertake this treatment. Results can last anything up to 12 months, depending on your individual response to treatment and metabolism of hyaluronic acid- the main component of the dermal fillers that most respected medical professionals use.

Light eyes for dark circles, puffiness and skin rejuvenation around the eyes

With a specially formulated cocktail of injectable hyaluronic acid, Ruscosides, Vitamin C and Antioxidants, Light Eyes is designed to improve microcirculation, cutaneous elasticity and drainage in the periocular area. Light Eyes is perfect if you are looking to reduce dark circles, ease puffiness and to rehydrate the skin under your eyes. The treatment brightens the under eye area, giving you a youthful, rested appearance.

Light Eyes can help with the following eye concerns:

  • Puffiness and bags above below and above the eyes
  • Blue or dark rings under the eyes
  • Dry skin and wrinkles, often experienced in premature ageing
  • Recesses under the eyes due to skin laxity

Results can be seen after a course of treatment (1 session every 15 days for 4 to 8 weeks) and will last approximately 3 months before requiring a top up session.

Brow lift with dermal fillers and Botox®

Dermal fillers and Botox® are the mainstay of any highly-regarded medical aesthetic practitioner, for the simple reason that they work and have a history of safety and efficacy when administered by a fully-qualified and trained medical professional. Dermal fillers, when used for lifting the brow can support the skin that becomes lax, during the ageing process. When placing the dermal filler in to the plane between the skin and muscle, it elevates the brows and replaces lost volume, creating a smooth contour between the brow and the cheek. Dermal fillers can also plump out any wrinkles in this area, without looking over-filled. When using Botox® for this purpose, Dr Anita Dhunna will inject the substance directly between the brows to relax the muscles underneath and also in the upper forehead to ‘pull’ the eyebrows back up into their original position, allowing the skin to smooth. Both treatments can be used in conjunction with one another, for a fully holistic approach to brow lifting without surgery.

Non-surgical treatments for the eyes can drastically change your appearance. Where once you may have felt that time was taking its toll on those ‘windows of expression’, you can take action simply and without painful surgery or lengthy downtime, with the range of specialist procedures that Dr Anita Dhunna offers from her South Woodford, Hatfield and Bishops Stortford clinics.