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Do you know what’s being injected? – a guide to safe dermal fillers

Most of us know the benefits of dermal fillers for anti-ageing, but did you know that dermal fillers are not regulated in the UK and there can be some nasty products out there which don’t reach specific safety standards?. Dr Anita Dhunna takes her patients’ safety extremely seriously and always uses FDA approved products for the most natural looking, risk-averse results, but some practitioners out there like to cut corners (and costs) and purchase products that are either counterfeit or not up to the job, when it comes to a safe and successful facial enhancement.

So, do you know what is being injected?

There are some simple ways to check that the product that is being injected in to your face is safe and effective, as well as checking the credentials of the person who is performing the treatment. Firstly, it’s interesting to ask outright, which products a particular practitioners uses, if they state that they use a famous brand such as Juvéderm by Allergan and are not medically-qualified, your alarm bells should start ringing, as he pharmaceutical companies who sell products such as dermal fillers by brands such as Allergan, Merz or Galderma will very rarely agree to sell to non-medics, therefore to get their hands on these products, a non-medical practitioner will most-likely have to buy a cheap product which is untested, from a shady supplier or from overseas, where specific quality checks cannot be made as to the authenticity of these products. These FDA approved dermal fillers should come from a reputable UK based pharmacy. Unfortunately, the industry isn’t regulated here in the UK, but that doesn’t make it right.
With this in mind, the second tip is to always make sure that the practitioner who is going to perform your dermal filler treatment, is medically-trained such as a doctor or a dentist and holds the specific certificates which qualify them to administer dermal fillers. Dr Anita Dhunna first trained and qualified as a dentist who then went onto training into medical aesthetics in 2007 furthering her skills by training extensively in facial rejuvenation using non-surgical injectable substances, so can assure you of a professional treatment using only the very best products, every time.
Thirdly, use recognised and trusted brands which are FDA approved, of which there are 19 brands. FDA approval is a US recognition but it still means extensive and rigorous testing has been carried out. The companies who obtain this approval have had to invest many thousands of pounds to do so (some in to their hundreds) so it means they have safety and integrity at the forefront of their ethos. There are over 150 types of dermal filler brands in the UK alone, so it’s worth seeking out those few, who indeed carry FDA approval. Most good doctors won’t use a dermal filler unless it carries this weight behind it, and Dr Anita Dhunna insists on it, for the wellbeing of her patients, as well as an effective, safe treatment.
Dermal fillers which carry FDA approval and have gone through stringent testing over many years will, of course carry a higher cost than a lesser quality one. However, as we are considering not only our looks but our health and wellbeing, should we be haggling over a few pounds when it comes to these products? Yes, you might save a little if you visit a non-medical practitioner who uses a relatively new to market, non-FDA approved filler, but Dr Anita Dhunna often has to correct work which has been poorly administered, or help someone to dissolve their filler completely and start again, which then adds to the price overall. Sometimes the problems incurred by non medics and those using non FDA approved dermal fillers are too far beyond dissolving and need surgical intervention. As the saying goes “pay cheap, pay twice” and don’t end up paying greatly when it comes to your health, safety and looks, it may end in total disaster and a hospital visit.
As dermal fillers only grow in popularity to help patients regain a youthful appearance, correct facial concerns, asymmetry or issues, more and more cheap products will be available (one only has to Google ‘buy dermal fillers’ to see how easy it is to purchase a dermal filler product, with no qualifications and no background checks). Scary stuff. So, to protect yourself, ensure that you go and see a medical professional such as Dr Anita Dhunna, who has access to only the very best dermal filler products which have been trialled, tested and approved by a very discerning FDA, to ensure a beautiful result with little to no risk whatsoever and who has years of experience to ensure the most safest and perfect result for your medical treatment.