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Benefits of lip fillers this winter

Dermal fillers are one of the mainstays of any reputable medical aesthetic practitioner, as they are so versatile. They can augment the skin tissues, to enhance volume, reduce the appearance of deeper lines and static wrinkles, re-shape facial features and physically lift the skin for a more youthful face read more

Refreshing post-summer skin

We all know the sun can be damaging to our skin and over the warmer months, can experience skin ageing in the form of lines, wrinkles, dehydration and hyperpigmentation (sun spots or age spots). Regaining a youthful appearance after the ravages of UV rays doesn’t have to mean invasive read more

Harnessing nature’s derivatives for aesthetic innovations

It’s fairly well known that some of the best treatments in medicine come from natural sources. Penicillin derived from mold, Codeine, from a poppy and Theobromine from Cocoa, are just some examples of substances which benefit human beings, that come from nature. In Aesthetic Medicine, many substances that are read more

Perfecting your jawline with Botox® and dermal fillers

How can I perfect my jawline using Botox® and dermal fillers? Before we explore how Dr Anita Dhunna treats a jawline with Botox® and dermal fillers, it’s important to explain how these substances work. Botox® (Botulinum Toxin Type A) is a neurotoxin, which temporarily relaxes over-working facial muscles (including read more

Ground-breaking skin revitalisation with Polynucleotides

What are polynucleotides? Polynucleotides (PN) are injectable substances which are derived from salmon and trout sperm and have been recognised as highly effective, supportive therapy for wound and skin healing for around 35 years. They consist of a specific biomolecules which are made up of long-chain nucleotides (the building read more

Face shaping using dermal fillers

Face shaping using dermal fillers Where once, invasive surgery was the only option to sculpt or enhance the facial features, dermal fillers now offer a myriad of solutions for anti-ageing and augmentation. From her clinics in South Woodford, Hatfield and Bishops Stortford, Dr Anita Dhunna offers face shaping procedures read more

The perfect pout

The perfect pout Lip augmentation using dermal fillers is a very popular treatment and not just for Dr Anita Dhunna’s younger patients. You may think of lip fillers as something that those in their twenties have to make their lips bigger, and although this can be achieved, this isn’t read more

Eyelift using dermal filler

Eyelift using dermal filler (eyebrow contouring and tear trough – added Botox for lifting) As we age, our eyes can start to give us away. Skin becomes thinner, lax and dehydrated and tissue loss and bone degradation around the eyes can cause dark circles and hollows. When once, only read more

Contouring the face using dermal fillers

When expensive face creams and lotions are simply no longer achieving the results you’re looking for, a course of dermal fillers to contour and re-shape specific facial features, may be the answer. From her clinics in South Woodford, Hatfield and Bishop Stortford, Dr Anita Dhunna has been sculpting the read more

Summer lips

At summertime, our lips can succumb to skin dehydration as well as fine lines and wrinkles. UV rays deteriorate hyaluronic acid (HA) within the skin, so it would make sense to replenish it with something which could be injected, and not just applied topically. Injectable dermal fillers are a read more