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Brighter eyes for Spring

As the winter months slowly fade and hints of spring start to appear, we may turn our attention and focus more to our appearance. After all, let’s face it, many of us tend to hibernate a little bit in winter, snuggling up in front of the TV with the fire or central heating blasting and perhaps not drinking as much water as we should. This can have a detrimental effect on our skin and one of the most prominent and noticeable areas of the face, our eyes. As it seems that the world begins to ‘wake up’ after a cold and miserable winter, we might wish to start improving the appearance of our eyes, as we become more outdoor focused and begin to venture out more and more. At Dr Anita Dhunna’s clinics in Essex, Hertfordshire and London’s Harley Street, we are beginning to see more and more of our patients requesting some ‘freshening’ treatment for around their eyes, to welcome in the spring with vigour. We of course, are only too happy to oblige.

The delicate area around the eyes can really be affected by the cold weather and changeable temperatures when we come indoors. The skin is much thinner around the eyes, than the rest of the face and lines and wrinkles are very common in this area. We can also start to notice under eye bags, dark circles and creases under the eyes called ‘tear troughs’. These issues can leave us looking less than our best and in many cases, permanently tired or sad. Fortunately, Dr Anita Dhunna possesses some truly ‘magical’ treatments in her armoury of cosmetic therapies, which can not only be administered quickly, unlike invasive surgery, but can yield results if not instantly, then in a matter of days!

Anti-Wrinkle Injections (Botox®)

Botox® is one of the most effective injectable treatments for temporarily smoothing expression lines and dynamic wrinkles. In a few, virtually pain-free, tiny injections, using needles as fine as a human hair, you could be saying goodbye to crow’s feet and other fine lines around the eyes for months at a time. Botox® is a neurotoxin which blocks the communication between the nerves and the muscles that cause expression lines. The results can be seen from 24 hours to 2 weeks after the treatment and can last anything up to 8 months at a time. There is no need for a local anaesthetic and when performed by a medical professional, such as Dr Anita Dhunna, is a safe and quick treatment to administer. Before the treatment can commence, we will ask that you attend a preliminary consultation with Dr Anita Dhunna, so she can examine your eyes, discuss the treatment at length and check your medical history, to ensure there are no contraindications which might prevent or restrict the procedure from going ahead. Once you are both satisfied that Botox® will be a safe and effective treatment for your requirements, you can book your appointment for the procedure itself.

Dermal fillers for deep lines and tear troughs

For static lines and crevices of the skin, as well as the grooves which form beneath under eye bags (tear troughs) we may advise a treatment using dermal fillers, here at Dr Anita Dhunna’s Essex, Hertfordshire and London’s Harley Street clinics. Dermal fillers are contained in a light gel substance and are packed with hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a popular buzzword in beauty nowadays, and is responsible for cushioning and hydrating various areas of the body….one of which, being the skin. HA dermal fillers act as just that; they plump and volumize areas of lost volume and for the under eye area, can offer significant improvements, disguising dark circles, filling the tear trough groove and giving a more wide-awake look to the eye. Dermal fillers can also address static, deep lines by sitting under the skin tissues and plumping out these lines. Fillers come in many forms, but Dr Anita Dhunna only uses FDA-approved and CE-certified dermal fillers by global brands such as Allergan. This ensures safety of treatment, longevity of results and beautifully natural-looking outcomes. Dr Anita Dhunna has a wealth of experience in administering dermal fillers for a plethora of facial ageing concerns and with minimal downtime. The tear trough area, as you can expect, is extremely delicate and only very experienced medical professionals should be attempting to treat this area with these substances. The correct viscosity of product needs to be selected very carefully, otherwise lumps can form and what is called the Tyndall effect, the appearance of a bluish discoloration at the injection site, as a result of poor application, can be a risk. So make sure that you choose your practitioner wisely. It will pay dividends!

At your initial, no obligation consultation with Dr Anita Dhunna, she may recommend one of the above treatments or indeed, a combination of both, for a truly holistic approach to the regeneration of the eye area. Should you be unsure of anything during this initial meeting, feel free to ask any questions you need to, in order to make an informed and educated decision on which treatment/s will give you the results you are looking to achieve. Dr Dhunna is here to listen, advise and guide you, so that you can improve the areas of your face that you feel could be revitalised and not what anyone else might think or say. After all, it’s YOUR face and your choice in how you would like to enhance your looks.

This Spring, why not give your eyes a new lease of life with Botox® and / or dermal fillers?. These non-surgical treatments require very little to no downtime and could have you looking and feeling brighter, more youthful and wide-awake in a matter of days!