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Advanced botox

Advance Botox Techniques in South Woodford Essex

Platysmal bands Dimpling chin Gummy smiles Smokers and lipstick lines Nefertiti jawline lift Teeth grinding and square jaw Eyebrow lift

Dr Anita Dhunna is able to provide patients advanced BOTOX® treatments. It is important that consultations for this prescription only medicine is done face to face and after assessing your needs and requirements, Dr Anita Dhunna will be able to assess and discuss with you whether you need the following treatments.

Advanced BOTOX® treatment Gummy smiles:

In smiles which naturally show more of the gum tissue may be caused by overactive muscles around the mouth which lift higher than necessary. When treatment is administered, the injections cause the muscles of the top lip to relax so reducing this ‘gummy smile’ look.

Lifting corners of the mouth with advanced BOTOX® treatment

You may have noticed your lips producing a ‘sad’ look at rest, this can be treated by injecting into particular muscles near the corners of the lips which then relaxes the pulling down effect of these muscles and allows the corners of the mouth to be lifted.

Teeth grinding and square jaws:

Long term teeth grinding not only damages teeth but can cause the muscle along the jaw known as the masseter muscle to enlarge and give a square look resulting in a less feminine shape. Sometimes this is hereditary such as in Chinese and Korean peoples. The masseter muscles can be treated to relax and shrink them, giving an overall slimmer look to your face.

Smokers/Lipstick lines:

Small, fine lines appearing around the lips is common as we age. Sun damage exacerbates this look and constant movement of these muscles around the lips causes these lines to develop as well as premature ageing of the skin by smoking. During treatment, injections intricately placed into the muscles here can reduce the lines forming.

Dimpling chins:

A hyperactive muscle in the chin known as the mentalis muscle can give the effect of multiple dimples which may also be referred to as ‘popply chin’ effect. BOTOX® works wonderfully in this area, relaxing this mentalis muscle in the chin, giving a much smoother, fuller look to the chin.

Platysmal bands on the neck:

The platysma is a large muscle in the neck which are placed as bands down the neck. Over time, as we age, these thick bands become more visible and give the appearance of a lined ‘turkey neck’. This advanced technique in treating this area can help relax muscles, giving the neck a smoother, uplifted look.

Eyebrow lift:

There are different muscles around the eye which create a variety of actions. The muscle around the eyebrows tend to weaken as we age, resulting with the eyebrow dropping and some younger individuals naturally have a low placed eyebrow. The advanced and correct placement of injections can actually lift the eyebrow giving more youthful appearance

Nefertiti jawline lift:

This advanced procedure acts on the jaw and neck muscles which helps treat the ‘jowly’ look we get as we age. Treatment in various areas along the jawline redefines the jaw and neck, creating a tighter, smoother jawline whilst uplifting the neckline at the same time.