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Volumisation – The Liquid Facelift

The 8 point lift in Essex

A revolutionary approach to contouring and beautifying your face by improving wrinkles and replacing facial volume.

It is renowned as the non surgical ‘Liquid Facelift’ as it is performed using only dermal fillers. Developed by Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio de Maio, patients have benefited from this non invasive approach to enhance your natural beauty subtly and for others give back what age has taken away.

Dr Anita Dhunna uses the new and improved Vycross technology range of fillers including Juvederm Voluma, Juvedrm Volift and Juvederm Volbella with built in lidocaine anaesthetic, to perform this liquid facelift by assessing your face on an individualised approach.

After a thorough in-depth consultation with you and assessing these critical 8 points of the face where the breakdown of fat and collagen gives the face an aged look, it can be performed, lifting and smoothing your skin with the results being immediately seen.

Along with being a hyaluronic acid gel based dermal filler, Juvederm’s new Vycross technology has a high concentration of cross linked hyaluronic acid molecules in comparison to other dermal fillers which gives it the added benefit of long lasting results up to 18 months, producing an even smoother, natural looking result.

What is a Cannula?

Some of these advanced dermal filler techniques are applied using a micro cannula.
The cannula technique is an innovative approach in administering a dermal filer which results in a more refined, smoother look and the added benefit of being a more comfortable procedure to have.

A cannula is essentially a flexible blunt ended needle, whereby many areas of the face can be reconstructed and beautified by entering from one point on your face instead of multiple points when using a basic needle. Because it is not pointed like a traditional needle, using a cannula approach has its benefits of less discomfort, reduced swelling and bruising after the treatment when used by a medical expert.