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Safe Botox® treatments in Hatfield

It’s common knowledge that you now don’t need to be a movie star, living in Beverly Hills to be able to have anti-wrinkle injections. For many years now, clinics all over the UK have been offering Botox® or alternative brands of Botulinum Toxin Type A (the true name of the substance used for this treatment) to smooth expression lines and reduce dynamic wrinkles. But are they all safe? The sad truth is that many un-trained practitioners and non-medics have decided to take it into their hands to offer Botox® injections, among other injectable treatments such as dermal fillers, with some devastating effects. Therefore, it’s vital that you choose a medically-qualified and fully-trained practitioner when it comes to all non-surgical, injectable skin treatments. Dr Anita offers not only Botox® injections, but dermal fillers for the temples, lips, cheeks, hand rejuvenation, jawline and chin augmentation, tear trough revitalisation and brow lifting; Profhilo® hyaluronic skin remodelling injections, medical microneedling, PDO thread lifting and fat dissolving injections.

So why choose Dr Anita Dhunna for your Botox® treatment in Hatfield?

Dr Anita Beaumont Dhunna is a medically-qualified cosmetic professional who originally trained in dentistry. She decided to embark on a career in aesthetics in 2007, realising that the teeth were just a part of the overall facial anatomy. She wanted to be able to correct, restore and revitalise the facial structure as a whole and trained with some of the world’s most respected international injectors, including her brother, renowned leading Harley Street cosmetic doctor, Dr Dan Dhunna, to achieve her goals.

Dr Anita Dhunna has a passion for cosmetic injectables and has a natural, artistic flair for creating symmetry, balance and beautification of the facial contours, always with the aim to produce a natural-looking result. Dr Anita Dhunna has a duty of care to protect and ‘do no harm’ when it comes to both prescribing and administering non-surgical aesthetic injectable treatments and takes this extremely seriously. As Botox® is a prescription only drug, by law it should ONLY be prescribed and administered by medical personnel, such as practicing surgeons, doctors, dentists and prescribing nurses.

When you first attend our Hatfield Clinic, this will most likely be for an initial consultation and facial assessment with Dr Anita. This initial liaison will give you the opportunity to describe the areas of your face or skin that concern you and the results you would like to achieve. It will also be the time for Dr Anita to examine your facial structure and skin quality, as well as to check your medical history, so that she can decide if Botox® injections will be correct, appropriate and safe for you to undergo. Only then will she invite you back to the clinic for your treatment.

The Botox® treatment itself should take no longer than around 30 to 40 minutes. This includes the time you will need to complete some standard consent forms, ask any more questions and let the doctor know if anything has changed in the time since your initial consultation. It’s important to disclose any information, such as new medications, or skin allergies, so that a safe and complication-free treatment can take place. The injections themselves should not be painful, as the needles used to administer Botox® are extremely fine. However, if you are particularly sensitive or nervous, a small amount of topical anaesthetic can be applied to numb the area. Once the treatment is complete, the doctor will offer you some simple aftercare advice, including not rubbing or touching the treatment area, avoiding heating of the skin through environmental stimulus such as hot baths or saunas, or physical exercise. It’s important to adhere to the aftercare advice that the doctor gives you, so that no complications arise and the Botox® only disperses in to the areas required for treatment.

You should see the results of your Botox® treatment between 48 hours and 2 weeks post-procedure. After a fortnight, you can return to the clinic for a follow-up appointment and examination. Any additional Botox® injections can then be administered. However, this is not usually necessary and should only happen if Dr Anita feels that you would benefit from them.

The results from a Botox® treatment last anywhere between 3 and 8 months. Some find that their Botox® wears off within 3 months and there are many factors that can play a part in this. If you smoke, go out in the sun, have machine-based treatments which stimulate the skin tissues such as laser or RF, your Botox® may wear of slightly quicker. It’s important to keep a good skincare regime, drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy avoidance of UV rays, in order to keep your skin in the best possible condition. Botox® will smooth out dynamic (expression) wrinkles, but it won’t affect the overall quality of your skin. For this, you might wish to speak with the doctor about a course of , medical microneedling (Dermapen) Profhilo® skin remodelling or dermal fillers, for increased hydration, tightness and improved skin tone.

Dr Anita Dhunna is one of the UK’s most professional, qualified and experienced medical practitioners. This ensures that you receive the most effective and safest Botox® treatment imaginable and our clinic in Hatfield is not only comfortable and discreet, but holds all the requirements to conduct these medically-prescribed treatments.

When it comes to your face and your health, don’t accept cheap options for Botox® injections in Hatfield. Ensure that you are enlisting a true medical expert for natural-looking, exceptional results in a clinically-safe environment.