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Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement Essex, South Woodford's Dr Anita Dhunna

Lip Enhancement in South Woodford Essex with Dr Anita Dhunna

Lips are a focal point when looking at a face. These days too often we see an over done ‘trout pout’ look which is off putting and unnatural. Beautiful lips don’t need to be overdone and most importantly don’t need to be seen to ‘be done’.

Lip Enhancement
Dr Anita Dhunna caters to what her patients want and most importantly strives for an aesthetically beautiful natural look which will suit you and your face.

The lip is a soft, vascular part on the body. The outer portion which defines the lip is known as the vermilion border. There is the soft fleshy ‘red’ part of the lip which forms the body. As we age, the lips flatten out, lines start to develop around the edges where your lipstick begins to bleed out into. If you are a smoker, this result is more obvious at a younger age. So it is important that the natural youthfulness of the lip is restored to bring back your natural beauty.

Many times when a lip has been over treated, the outer vermilion border starts to look too lumpy and hard which is due to being injected too many times and often perhaps with the wrong type of filler. When the fleshy ‘red’ part of the lip is too over done, you find that the top and bottom lip start to protrude out equally giving that not so pretty ‘trout pout’ look. This can lead to a lot of patients being put off from having their lips treated, but they needn’t be.  Along with the rest of the face, it is important that the lips are treated artistically, with care and with the correct product.

Using the latest Vycross technology in dermal fillers, which is designed to minimise swelling, Dr Anita Dhunna uses Juvederm Volbella with built in anaesthetic. As it has a high concentration of the hyaluronic acid molecules tightly cross linked to each other, the gel is a very smooth product, which produces an equally soft and smooth natural looking finish to a beautiful lip with a longer lasting result up to 12 months compared to most hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

If more pout is required then Juvederm Volift can also be used and for a classic lip enhancement, Juvederm Ultra Smile is ideal.

Dr Anita Dhunna is well versed with assessing your face and creating the ideal lip shape for you. Utilising both needles and/or cannulas, beautiful, natural or full bodied lips can be created.

As these modern dermal fillers have built in anaesthetic the experience is not as uncomfortable as it used to be. However, being a trained and experienced dental surgeon Dr Anita Dhunna can also use a myriad of anaesthetic approaches from topical numbing creams to gentle local infiltration with dental anaesthetic to create a pleasant pain free experience for her patients.

Before and After Lip Enhancement by Dr Anita Dhunna

before after lip enhancement