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Botox effective for signs of ageingAgeing is something in life which is guaranteed, we all age internally and externally. Externally, ageing signs show very readily on areas of our body that are exposed to our environment, particularly areas that are exposed to the sun. Notably, the area most people recognise to be changing is the face.

As the face changes and ages, most women start to notice fine lines appearing, particularly around the eyes, especially when smiling. Some people may notice fine lines appearing from the corners of the mouth. These fine lines after a few more years of ageing, then develop into more obvious grooves maybe across the forehead and in between the eyebrows. Not only do these lines become more deeper and prominent, but are present on the face when the face is at rest and expressionless.

When these signs of ageing are present, Botox can be effectively administered into these areas to reverse and reduce the signs of this type of ageing.

When injected, Botox works by stopping the signal to the muscle which would otherwise cause it to contract. For example, in the upper face when a doctor injects Botox into the muscle controlling the forehead, after a period of 10-14 days, the muscle relaxes. This then results in fine lines no longer appearing on the forehead therefore reducing the signs of age. For individuals with deeper, more prominent grooves, Botox will not erase these lines after one treatment but the actions of Botox helps relax the muscles so it gives the person a smoother look overall thereby producing a more youthful appearance on the individual’s face.

Botox can be used to treat muscles in the mid face as well. As a faces ages, women in particular might begin to notice their lipstick beginning to bleed into the skin, in particular into the fine lines/wrinkles appearing above the lip. These ‘lipstick’ or ‘smokers’ lines can be treated by Botox to relax the muscles whose contractions over the decades have developed wrinkles in the delicate skin, resulting in smoother, youthful skin around the lips.

For the older patient who has the appearance of a ‘jowly’ look, Botox can be injected along the jawline at particular points to give a tighter appearance to the lower face.

There are many uses for Botox and a multitude of areas where Botox can be injected to reverse and in some case slow down the signs of ageing. During your medical consultation for Botox treatment, your doctor will be able to discuss these in depth with you.