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“Looking and feeling your very best should not be a privilege, it should be your right.”

– Dr Anita Dhunna

Welcome to the Award winning and globally renowned clinic of Dr Anita Dhunna.

Dr Anita Dhunna has been practicing the art of aesthetic medicine for well over a decade and from her clinic in South Woodford in Essex she can help you to restore your youthful vitality with a range of non-invasive, injectable treatments that are tried, tested and clinically-proven.

Dr Anita Dhunna’s ethos is to enhance your existing beauty, using the latest and most innovative injectable treatments and techniques in a safe and medically ethical way.

Subtle changes yield maximum impact in the world of aesthetic correction and Dr Anita Dhunna’s knowledge of facial anatomy, along with her artistic flair and ability to assess her patients’ unique desires and individual facial contours, leads to those magical moments where a youthful appearance and revived feelings of confidence and wellbeing can be restored, in a matter of moments.

Dr Anita Dhunna believes in using only the highest quality, medical grade FDA-approved injectable products for uncompromised safety and as a qualified, experienced, regulated medical practitioner, possesses all the relevant and required qualifications and many years of expertise, to complete your aesthetic treatment in a professional manner and clinical environment, for outstanding results.

If you are seeing a subtle enhancement to correct the very first signs of ageing, or a more comprehensive treatment for more advanced augmentation, without looking ‘worked-on’ or ‘over-done’, Dr Anita Dhunna will offer you bespoke, tailored advice, so that you can make an educated and informed decision, about the treatments she recommends for your individual requirements.

Patient testimonials

Non surgical Facelift

"Dr Anita has made me look 10 years younger and has brought back my confidence in a matter of hours. I look and feel amazing! Such an artist and a perfectionist, I knew I was in safe hands."

– Julie, London

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