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dermapen in South Woodford Essex & London


This is a medical needling device used in areas of the skin where the skin has been scarred by acne, or has become weakened and lined. It can also be used on the décolletage which has been damaged by the sun over the years.

It can be safely used in older patients and in patients of all skin colours.

Dermapen is an updated electronic version of the dermaroller which enables greater precision as it can be used in delicate areas around the mouth and the eye region safely and with significantly less discomfort than the dermaroller. As the Dermapen is electronic it can automatically and rapidly enter the skin at upto 8000 rpm allowing better results reducing the risks of tearing and dragging the skin which the older derma rollers may do. It also allows unparalleled diversity when treating patients as it has a disposable tip that can penetrate from 0.2mm to 2mm deep!

A topical anaesthetic is applied to your skin to be treated to ease any discomfort you may otherwise experience and the device is rolled over your skin and tiny needles are introduced into the skin. This penetration of the needles then creates micro trauma to the skin which creates an effect where growth factors are released, stimulating the skin to build collagen. Wrinkles and lines are lifted and acne scars are smoothed out leaving you with a brighter, healthier, youthful fresh look.

This regeneration of new skin starts immediately however it is not until a couple of months when the results start to become apparent.
The procedure can last up to 20 minutes and after the treatment your skin may be red and feel tight so you would take the precautions of staying out of the sun and use sun block.

Repeat treatments are necessarily to build on the results and maximise the effects.

Most people require 3-4 treatments in total. Each treatment is done approximately 6-8 weeks apart.

To maintain the results a booster treatment once or twice a year is recommended.