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Choose dermal fillers in the fight against ageing

Dermal fillers are one of the most diverse and versatile products on the market right now. You wouldn’t believe the number of treatments they can be used to deliver.

As the years pile on, our body only seems to take things away. This includes the levels of fat, hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin that keep our skin looking so young.

So, if you’re looking to restore what age has taken away from you, dermal fillers are the perfect age-defying treatment.

What are dermal fillers?

The fillers that Dr Anita Dhunna uses are a gel-like substance made of hyaluronic acid. They are directly injected into the skin to give it back the volume that age has diminished.

There are different brands of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Juvederm (Voluma, Volux, Volift) Belotero, Restylane are examples of FDA approved dermal fillers, which are made in different thicknesses, hardnesses and viscosities. This allows a variety of different applications.

As well as this, there are also other temporarily fillers made from Calcium Hydroxyapatite such as Radiesse and a filler made from poly-l-lactic acid called Sculptra.

Where can dermal fillers treat?

Being the part of our body that most attention is focused on, most dermal filler treatments target areas of the face.

The point of these treatments is to restore your natural beauty by shaping, sculpting and volumising the impacted areas.

Using a range of fillers including Juvederm Voluma, Juverderm Volux, Juvederm Volift and Juvederm Volbella, Dr Anita Dhunna can target the critical 8 points of the face where the breakdown of fat and collagen gives the face an aged look. This non surgical facelift, lifts and smooths your skin with immediate results.

By injecting dermal fillers into the cheek area, you can achieve a dramatic yet natural lifting effect for the entire lower face region. The treatment restores lost volume and produces a more youthful appearance.

The fillers can be used to revitalise the tear trough area and restore a youthful appearance. The filler smoothes the skin, plumps out the hollow areas and reduces dark circles.

Dermal fillers can also be used in jawline contouring treatment. They help to replace lost volume in the lower face and provide a scaffold that supports the surrounding tissue.

Dr Anita Dhunna also uses dermal fillers for her lip enhancement treatment. They provide fantastic, natural volume as well as great hydration for the lips.

As well as the face, dermal fillers have also recently started to be used for hand rejuvenation treatment. In this instance, they help to improve the appearance of wrinkled, dehydrated, veiny looking hands by rejuvenating and replenishing skin texture.

The results

Dr Anita Dhunna has been performing injection treatments for over 13 years now. She uses a variety of techniques with both needles and cannulas to create stunning results.

Using these fillers, results can be seen almost immediately and can last anywhere from 6-24 months depending upon which product is used and the area that is treated.

Book a face-to-face consultation with Dr Anita Dhunna in one of her clinics in London Harley Street, South Woodford, Essex, Welham Green or Hertfordshire today to start your journey.